Simplicity Barter
“Growing your business, is our business” How To Increase Your Sales and Improve Your Cash Flow…

Imagine paying the majority of your marketing budget directly with your products and services NOT cash.

Over 300,000 small businesses in North America do exactly that using Barter, the age-old practice that continues to contribute to billions of dollars in commercial transactions each year.

The mission of Simplicity Barter is to help grow your business, by providing a simple marketing plan that allows you to easily trade your products and service for critical business need.

Marketing, Menu’s and promotional literature can all be done with barter. Using Barter for these critical needs will increase your cash flow simply by eliminating the use of cash to promote your business, thus increasing the bottom line.

Please contact us and we will be happy to explain how to join as well as how barter can improve your bottom line.

The barter marketing plan that gets “immediate results”

Have you turned away business’s who request barter?

$5000 in business today and you pay no commission

To make your business smarter, here are a few reasons to barter!