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My story as an artist began at a young age. I had 2 older sisters who were also artists and I wanted to do everything they did. My oldest sister, Vicki loved to draw fashions for Katy Keene comic books and she became a fashion illustrator doing newspaper ads before they switched to photos. (See Vicki’s Angel in products).My other sister, Diane ended up doing beautiful crafts with exquisite painted finishes, detailed sewing and beadwork, as well as wonderful flower arrangements. I learned so much from these 2 talented women.

Although I enjoyed drawing fashion models I leaned more toward portraits. The first one was my grandmother when I was 13. It’s still tucked away in her family bible somewhere. I made a little money in high school painting portaits of my friends and went on later to do portraits of my parents friends and making a little more money at it. Later I did them of my children and my grandchildren, but never again professionally.

In my early 20’s I started working in architecture and moved on later to commercial interiors, then to residential remodeling design. I was always very focused on doing beautiful renderings of my projects.

My mother had a stroke so I went home to Nebraska to take care of her and stayed on after she passed away to take care of my Dad in his final years. Because he needed me there I started a little business in the garage making garden items. I started out using purchased molds and taught myself how to sculpt and build and make my own molds to cast my own products. It turned into quite a little business selling to several stores and lots of retail customers. I gave it up for a few years after Dad died but kept my molds.

Now that I am semi-retired I have resurrected J Johns Designs and am very pleased with the response I am receiving. I recently sculpted a new angel in honor of Vicki and hope it is received with as much enthusiasm as the original one. Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy it!