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To partner with DoBarter On-Line was an easy decision for Simplicity Barter, as it is considered the 800 pound gorilla in the barter industry. Over 200 trade exchanges have partnered with DoBarter On-Line making it the nationwide choice of brokers. With 8 years of uninterrupted Barter Software Service to our clients DoBarter Barter Network now boasts over 50,000 members and 1,000,000 successful Transactions! With a daily average of $90 Million in inventory, goods and services, DoBarter On-Line is the shopper’s paradise for virtually anything you could imagine!


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Simplicity Barter strategically aligned itself with The Trade Alliance barter network due to its overwhelming presence in Virginia. This gives our local members the immediate ability to do logistical trading (services that require on site work) with over 1400 Virginia based businesses in this barter network. This number grows by approximately 100 new businesses every 90 days that continually offer fresh ideas for marketing in a tough economy. The Trade Alliance barter network brings a large local presence for our members and offers user friendly software for them to sell, buy or promote their goods and services to the local community.