InnerLight with Andrea Gruszecki,N.D


Would you like to create optimal health and personal balance?

InnerLight offers Holistic Education and private consultations. Andrea uses a unique Five-part Harmony Model of Health to uncover the root cause (body, emotion, mind, Spirit, or energy) of your symptoms or chronic complaints and designs a custom wellness plan to restore optimal health. BodyTalk™ is used to prioritize treatments and balance body energy patterns and connections. Five-Part Harmony and BodyTalk™, in concert with Holographic Memory Resolution™ (a gentle, client-centered reframing technique), can help resolve and release any mind-body connections creating symptoms or conditions within the body, such as pain, fatigue or illness in your life.

Andrea offers education, Five-part Harmony Model of Health, BodyTalk™, and Holographic Memory Resolution™ to provide her clients the unique insights they need to release blocks or resistance to health and balance. She has much to offer clients seeking education, options, self-improvement, Self-awareness, balance and health.

Andrea Gruszecki, Doctor of Naturopathy •
InnerLight • 1412 Littlepage Street • Fredricksburg, VA 22401 • 540-379-9796

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