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“Saving your Hard Earned Cash”

Simplicity Barter Virginia

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Simplicity Barter VA will promote your business in the barter store with your company logo to hundreds of potential customers. (If you don`t have a logo, we`ll get you one on trade.)

Upon approval, Simplicity Barter will provide your business with a line of credit instantly! Credit lines from $1,000- $10,000.  

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Trade dollars are just like any other currency. They work at Simplicity Barter VA  because value for value is traded. Rather than using a cash system,  however,  you trade for “trade dollars”. At Simplicity Barter VA, trade dollar can be saved and spent just like cash. They can be spent with others in the trade association – as much or as little as desired – just like cash. You do not need to know the person or company you are doing business with – just like cash. Businesses or professional members at Simplicity Barter VA sell their products or services at fair market value for credit to their trade account.  These credits – trade dollars, Simplicity Barter VA – are then used to purchase goods or service from others who are in the trade group exchange.


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Call 540-374-0505 or 540-841-8777 (David) or 540-322-7164 (Jan)


“Simplicity Barter is a valuable part of my business. I have found the Simplicity Barter really helped improve our cash flow. Barter is especially helpful offsetting the cost of advertising, materials and everything else associated with our business.”